Looking for exercises to lose weight quickly? Here are five

Looking for exercises to lose weight quickly? Here are five fool-proof solutions!

The number one New Year's resolution today is losing weight. How many times have you promised yourself to pursue this goal with determination? The problem usually is lacking an effective plan. Woody Allen's famous remark, 90% of success is showing up, illustrates why you might fail to meet your objectives.

In the case of losing weight, you've got to formulate a strategy that includes daily activities which you fulfill, no matter what stands in your way. Along with a diet plan, exercise has got to be part of the picture. So how do you choose the right exercises to lose weight quickly?

You know that you'll benefit most from exercises that burn the maximum number of calories. At the same time, you want to match those exercises to lose weight quickly with activities that you enjoy and therefore will complete, day in and day out. Sounds like a tall order. However, it needn't be so painful a prospect.

Here's a lineup of exercise activities which burn calories by the barrel, are fun, energizing and easy to integrate into your daily routine. These exercises are suited to men and women alike. Take your pick of these exercises to lose weight quickly, quietly and effectively. They all work!

1.Swimming is the activity of choice among these exercises to lose weight quickly. Swimming uses almost every muscle in your body, expending tons of energy while simultaneously toning your body. This is especially easy if your home or apartment has a pool. If not, join the YMCA or YWCA, or use the pool at your local Parks & Recreation site.

2.Walking is good, no matter what shape you're in. Whether you walk at a leisurely pace, or quickly, you're doing your body good. Walking is an exercise you can do every day, around the neighborhood or at the park. The key to success is regularity.

3.Jogging allows you to tone up a bit more quickly and gives your cardiovascular system a workout. Listen to music as you jog, or team up with a friend.

4.Bicycling is particularly good for your legs and thighs, if that's your main concern. Riding just a half an hour per day will soon show results.

5.Vigorous housework or yard work may be the least popular of exercises to lose weight quickly, but nonetheless effective. Housework is a good choice when the weather's not suitable for outdoor activity. On a brisk fall day, raking leaves or preparing next year's garden burns plenty of calories.

Whatever your choice, be sure you engage in your exercise at least five times weekly. You'll see the pounds melt away in no time!

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